Interesting facts about dietary supplements

4th February 2014


About bodybuilding supplements

As a basic principle , a dietary supplement must not have adverse or harmful properties (of course , if the regulations and instructions of the administration ) , and the benefits of health must be greater than the risks .

Nutritional Supplements

    *Vitamins and minerals
    *The pure protein or as a protein concentrate , and protein isolates, protein hydrolysates , amino acids and mixtures thereof .
    *Edible oils considered dietary (eg oil seed germ of cereals, fish liver oils ) and polyunsaturated fatty acids essential
   * Phospholipids - lecithin, cephalins , serinfosfatide , inozitolfosfatide
    *The amount of dietary fiber to 24 g / day
   * Milk for children, regardless of age management , but without therapeutic indications
    *Baby products : milk with cereal and / or fruit
    *Synthetic sweeteners food
    *Products for slimming and weight control without therapeutic indications
    *Probiotic products : probiotics, prebiotics , symbiotic - functional foods that regulates intestinal microbial flora
    *Sporting goods containing vitamins , minerals , proteins, protein hydrolysates , amino acids, easily assimilated carbohydrates , essential fatty acids and other nutrients role in supporting sporting effort in rebuilding after effort in developing and maintaining muscle mass.